‘Media Remote Android’ Help

Important Stuff:

  • Media Remote desktop app needs to be installed on a windows computer for it to connect to this android app.
  • Android device and the computer to be controlled should be in the same local network. For example they both need to be connected to same wifi router.
  • Desktop app needs to be allowed through the firewall.


  1. Make sure desktop app is running on a windows computer. You don’t need to start it before starting the android app. But for the sake of this guide it is recommended.
  2. After installing the Media Remote android app from Google Play, open it.
  3. You’ll see a list of available devices that can be connected. Tap on one.android1
  4. Android app should instantly connect to that computer and you’ll see a remote control GUI.android2
  5. From here you can start to control the connected computer. Try increasing the volume by pressing the volume button. You are also encouraged to play a video in a media player and try different commands.
  6. You can also switch to gestures instead of the button UI. On the bottom of the screen you can tap hint icons to learn about different gestures.android3
  7. For now there are four different media players that you can control. To change between them tap on the top right icon. A list will appear and you can selected the desired media player. You should receive a notification on the connected computer to indicate the change. These apps are also called modules within Media Remote.android4
  8. You can also see which commands are supported by any media player (module) by tapping their names.android5
  9. You are also encouraged to try enabling these settings to enhance your experience.android6

Troubleshooting Connection Problems:

  • Make sure both apps (desktop and android) are running of course and they have proper permissions.
  • Make sure either of the apps are not connected to a different device then the one you wish to connect to.
  • Try exiting either of the apps and retrying the connection.
  • Check your firewall. Make sure both our desktop app (remote.exe) and your installed version of Java (javaw.exe) are allowed through the firewall.
  • Make sure ‘Clients Isolation’ is not turned on in your router and your wifi connected devices can communicate with each other.
  • Our app uses the port 6620 on your PC. Make sure this port is available and not being used by other programs.