‘Media Remote Desktop’ Help

Important stuff:

  • This desktop app needs to be installed on a windows computer for it to connect to the android app.
  • Android device and the computer to be controlled should be in the same local network. For example they both need to be connected to same wifi router.
  • Desktop app needs to be allowed through the firewall.
  • This app is only tested on a Windows 10 computer.
  • It is recommended for this application to have admin permissions if you are installing it in the system drive.


  • Download the setup.exe and open it to install the app.
  • Ignore the unrecognized application warning if it shows up. This is because we couldn’t afford to sign the installer with a security certificate. Click on more info.notsigned1
  • Next click on ‘Run anyway’ to proceed to installation.notsigned2
  • Select the path to install the app to and proceed to finish the installation.
  • After installation open the app. Allow the app through the firewall if you see a message asking about it.
  • That’s it. Now you can connect the Android app with this computer.
  • You can close the opened window any time and program will keep running in the background.
  • You can use the tray icon to exit.
  • Also you can go to settings from the tray icon.