Management Team

Syed Ali Johar

Hi, my name is Syed Ali Johar. I’am android developer at Winter Paradox Studio. I have done my BSCS from Federal Urdu University of Art Science and Technology. I have nearly 2 years of experience in android application development.

There are more than one tool I use for android development which are Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio. My hobbies are watching movies and reading informative stuff. I’am not that funny but people often enjoy my company.

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Adeel Tariq

Hi, I’m Adeel Tariq. I have been always in love with the process of creating new things. Either it’s software, games, videos, animations or any kind of art. In fact my whole team is like me. We have interests in creating stuff so we started learning how to do it. We studied computers and got our graduate degrees in computer science and now hopefully we are on our way to create something awesome and great.

I have tried everything which a person can do to create something (art, animations, videos, music, games, softwares) using a PC and an internet connection. May be not everything but most of the things I have tried on some level. And then I sort of settled in android app development and some game development here and there. Well I have always found programming the most easy thing to do anyway.

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