Media Remote

Media Remote is an application which let’s you control popular media players on your PC. VLC player, Windows media player, iTunes for windows and Youtube player (all of these have obviously no association with us and their owners own the rights to these) are some of the supported players by default while we are also working to let you add your own media players.

Media remote is designed for when you want to watch a movie or video or playlist of any media on your PC but you want to be free of keyboard and mouse. You can either be relaxing far away from your PC or working on something else and still control the media playback on your PC.

Media remote uses open source Ahk language to control the keyboard shortcuts remotely. You’ll need to install both the Android and desktop apps for it to work. Android app acts like a remote while desktop app receives the commands from it and trigger keyboard shortcuts. So as long as both devices are in the same local area network you can control your PC from anywhere.

Media remote offers two user interfaces for the remote. A beautifully designed button interface and an easy to use gesture interface. You can choose either based on your preference anytime. Media remote is also designed with soft dark colors to work specifically in dark environments so you can enjoy your media without being blinded by the bright phone screen.

Future updates will include more features and more ways to remotely control your PC. For more info check usage guides for Android and desktop apps.


Note: Linux server is experimental and will probably remain that way. Extract the zip file and run ./ to start the installer wizard. The app is just a jar file. So it can be run on any supported platform including macOS (tested with Mojave).