Parking Spy

Parking Spy is a proof of concept app. It allows and enables the general public to help their local councils in keeping up to date with parking violators. Through use of this patented system parking violations can be sent directly to the relevant authorities and through these actions alleviate the pressure on the local councils and help free up resources for use in other areas.

This system have two levels. Normal users can submit reports of violations by starting with taking pictures of the vehicle. They can also input information like the violated law or prohibition by the vehicle, it’s color, number, make and model, location and time. These reports are then submitted to the authorities and system admins through the app. users can also view their past reports and their rewards.

System admins are instantly notified of the new submissions and they can review them. They can also allocate rewards to reports after confirming with the authorities and reviewing the reports.

Parking Spy utilises Google’s new Firebase cloud messaging and real time data storage technology.