We Eat Local

The freshest food in Melbourne comes straight from the farm, and We Eat Local leads you to where you can eat it and then find out exactly where it was grown or made.

Using the latest practices and technologies We Eat Local Android app isĀ our latest project for Local Food Loop come to fruition. This is first app developed by us to go through automated unit testing and no doubt taught us a lot. Not only that, We Eat Local uses a full MVP pattern using Dagger DI, RxAndroid and Butterknife making it the cleanest code we have ever written and we are proud of it.

Design of the We Eat Local app is not doubt excellent but we can’t take credit for that. However we did implement this design mostly using the new Constraint Layout and related tools from Google, making the app not only beautiful and alive with animations but also very light on performance.

Download it today from Google Play Store.